About Megaphone Pro Solutions, Inc.

Megaphone Pro Solutions is excited about the prospect of partnering with Murray State College!

What Comes with the Proposal

  • Fully Functional, User-Friendly Website with a back-end dashboard
  • Security Features
    • Anti-Spam filter
    • Wordfence Premium (Optional Upgrade for $500/yr)
    • SSL Certificate
    • Downtime Monitoring
    • Google Captcha (securing login)
  • Primed and configured for Search Engine indexing
  • Yearly Hosting of the site
  • Departmental access (we would suggest a tiered approach giving users access to certain parts of the site and limiting certain users to only certain functions)
  • Separate intranet (The internal needs of Murray State Administration will determine the scope of this portion of the site.)

Timeline to Completion

January 2023

New Website - Phase 1

Assess & Identify

MPS will work with your web design committee to assess the current website structure and how we can improve user experience and streamline the admissions process.  We will also begin to lay the groundwork for improved SEO performance.  MPS will need the following:

  • Backend Access if possible
  • Point of Contact & meetings with Web team
  • Any Shareable assets
  • MSC Brand Kit
  • 3 Reference Sites

Planned Results

  • Under 200 Pages (If possible) (Over 500 pages currently)
  • Organized Header & Footer
  • Better User Experience for Future & Existing Students
  • Relevant Search Function
  • Reduction of Clutter

Estimated Time To Completion

  • 45 Days
January 2023
February 2023

New Website - Phase 2

Build & Design

Design of homepage will begin once structure is submitted to CASC website committee for approval.  Once the initial site structure and design/theme for the new site has been finalized and approved we will begin Building the site. MPS will need the following:

  • Availability for meetings over zoom
  • Access to 3rd Party systems relevant to the website.
  • Access to DNS

Planned Results

  • Improved User Experience
  • Improved Visual layout
  • Consistent theme throughout site
  • Functional Web Applications Applied and Tested

Estimated Time To Completion

  • 90 Days

MPS Website Portfolio

February 2023

Financial Proposal



Design & Build
$ 1,800 Yearly for Hosting for years 2-5
  • Initial Design & Build
  • Web Applications
  • Security Features
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization


Additional Services Provided by MPS


Below are a few solutions we have provided for our clients.

The Health & Wellness Center

SEO Success

Established a system and process to maximze partnership.

National Trail of Tears Association

  • New Website with a focus on UX
    • Online Membership
    • Improved Print Newsletter
      • Creation of Digital Experience
  • Special Projects

Carl Albert State College

CASC - Site Audit 1CASC - Site Audit 2

SEO Success

CASC Site Audits

Murray State College Site Audit

CASC Keyword Overview




CASC - Google Business Profile

Ad Management

CTR Success Story

  • 51 Individual Ads
  • 1.94 Million Impressions
  • 13,577 Clicks
  • Overall Click Through Rate (CTR) 0.70%
  • Average Cost Per Click $0.72/click
    • Depending on platform, CPC ranged anywhere from $5-$10
  • Lead Generation resulting in ROI of 28 new enrollments